I might as well do something with it.

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Well today 9th May 2003 would be the day I tell you about myself.

I am one of those unemployed web developers that you keep seeing around and currently am spending my days either searching for work or temping.
That may not sound very interesting at the moment but the things you can do when there is nothing better to do always amaze me
I don’t watch daytime TV, but I might start if I run out of things to say on this site.
I will try and add pictures wherever I can.

Sorry I had to shoot off, got offered a job temping for a construction company in the West End.
It was this girl’s last day and she was supposed to be handing over to someone else but the other person decided around lunch time that she didn’t want to do the job. What a result for me, I get offered the job and they only have four hours to explain what I need to do.

The next thing that happens is:
I’m trying to get to the office as quickly as possible and have no money – so I go to the cash point and my card doesn’t work. Not so good.
Anyway I eventually get to the job half an hour later than I said I would be and without any lunch.
That’ll do for today. Come back and read tomorrow’s instalment.