Oh no not again

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Late again, I’m not making a very good impression at the moment, I’ve been late two out of the three days I’ve worked this week. The buses have been a nightmare, Tuesday I waited twenty minutes for a bus and when it arrived I couldn’t get on the bloody thing – and wouldn’t you know it the same thing happened today. Both days I have ended up getting the tube in and the Central line is even worse (mind you at least it’s open). What is the point in having a bus pass if you have to pay for the tube all week?

I was supposed to have a meeting at the job centre today as well, I started signing on when my last job finished at the beginning of last week and I forgot to tell them that I had got some more work. So I’ve spent all day today trying to phone the people at new deal and their phone is permanently engaged – I’m sure they are leaving the phone off the hook, I’ll have to try again tomorrow.

I went round to my brothers flat (he only lives down the road) for a shower again, ours is still broken, the landlord has to buy a new one and the plumber can’t come until Friday.