One week on

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And the beat goes on

And you would think that a nice relaxing Friday night is on the cards, put oh no, how wrong can you get. I spent the day at work packing boxes. Good news – in our new office I will get a desk and a computer. Only the hard hat I was supposed to get has been mislaid, so I got a dusty one that someone found on top of the cupboards – so at least I’ll be able to get into work on Monday.

I left work early, and went home, thinking of sitting in and watching TV but no, half way through ‘My Family’ the power in the whole block of flats I live in goes, now normally it would be a blessing to escape a night of sitcoms and satire but tonight I had nothing else to do.

I hope the power is back by tomorrow morning, the plumber is supposed to be coming to fix the shower.

A look back

Well since I have nothing else to do at the moment, I’m going to look back at the last week.

My shower is still broken, after almost two weeks now, the plumber is supposed to arrive tomorrow.

My first week working on a building site – even doing office work, was slightly intimidating and I was late for work twice, but they still seem to like me so I will be back on Monday