The real reason

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The real reason I decided to do this diary was to make a record of everything that happened to me while I was looking for a job. I haven’t applied for any jobs since I started so to get back to the original reason for doing this I am applying for three different jobs over the weekend. I know I have one at the moment but it is only a temporary position and I am looking for something full time in the new media industry.

I was woken up a nine o’clock in the morning on Saturday by the plumber arriving earlier than I expected (I bet that doesn’t happen too often). We spent a good part of the morning trying to find the shutoff valve for the water which eventually we found in the cupboard of my reclusive Chinese flatmates – and I’m sure we interrupted them having sex.

Otherwise I have had a pretty quiet weekend, I met up with a friend on Saturday to watch Southampton stuff Arsenal in the FA cup final and when that didn’t happen I went home and had a quiet night in with a couple of films.

It’s good I got to sleep in my own bed this weekend, even if I was kept awake by a drunk friend of mine phoning me up at half two in the morning for chat.

I am going to have to do some work on this site soon, it’s starting to look quite messy, so if you have any ideas then e-mail me here:

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