Chaos Reigns

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I bought a can of vanilla coke on a whim last night, you know when you are standing waiting to pay for something in a newsagents/ off license and looking at all that chocolate, you end up just having to buy something.
I first heard rumours of Vanilla coke about two years ago and couldn’t believe that it took so long to get to our shelves, but now having tasted it I can’t believe it ever made it to our shelves. The stuff reminds me of Cherry Coke (do you remember that?), it’s not really any different to normal coke and there is no vanilla in it, just a slight aftertaste of vanilla flavouring.

I had yet another nightmare trying to get to work today, I go on the bus in plenty of time, for a change and then spent half an hour stuck in a traffic jam because BT have dug up all the roads. So I ended up getting off the bus and walking for half a mile before I got on another one.

When I finally did get to work, we had to unpack our new office, where there were no telephones or ISDN line. Even the office network wasn’t working. God bless BT!