Ghouls and Ghosts

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A friend of mine told me a story today, the friend was sat in the kitchen with a bottle of wine, while the person they were with was down the shop buying cigarettes, and so a ghost appears on the kitchen table and has a conversation with my friend (who can’t remember what it was about) and then promptly disappeared, at which point my friend realised there was something not quite right.

Now obviously my friend was drunk, but I’ve never heard of anyone hallucinating like that on wine before and my friend isn’t the kind of person just to make something like that up.
Also the other person has seen the ghost regularly and claims there are two of them.

Apart from discussing ghosts, I received a rejection letter for a job I applied for over a month ago and another one for the second job I have applied for with Freeserve (I’m starting to think that they don’t like me). NB freeserve has since become Wanadoo and now Orange I think.

And finally a quick plug for my friends at AntennaStudios, the people at have written a feature on them in the Liverpool section under latest news.