20 pubs, 3 days

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Well that weekend blew me away – I’m so glad I have Monday to recover.

Friday night started it off with a few drinks with my friends in the Mortimer where two of my friends got into a huge argument over who was more flash with their cash and ended up buying £50 bottles of champagne each. Then one of them chose to start throwing £20 notes around.

Then Saturday came and with it a letter offering me a job interview (fantastic). After which a couple of us went down to Elephant and Castle to find the beginning of the pub-crawl we were going to do on Sunday. So we met up in Ruby Tuesday’s at Elephant and Castle before going down to Old Kent Road to find the Green Man. The Green Man had shut down so we had to walk back down Old Kent Road to The World Turned Upside Down where we had a quick pint before dragging ourselves to The Central in Finchley to meet up with everyone else going to the house party.

The house party was a blast, we were forced to watch the Eurovision Song Contest so it didn’t really kick off until we were sure that the UK had got Nil Points.
We finally turned our attention to the party and discovered that our host has a karaoke machine, so I went through my repertoire of Queen and I Would Walk 500 Miles all sung badly out of tune.
We finally bailed at around 1 in the morning and went back to someone else’s house to sleep. (Great preparation for a pub crawl the next day).

So the day of the pub crawl dawns and I’ve slept badly on a sofa, we agreed to get up at nine because we wanted to be in Whitechapel for 11 o’clock in the unrealistic hope that we would find a pub open at that time. (pubs of course open at midday on a Sunday)
For a detailed description on the pub-crawl go to ‘How to organise a piss up in a brewery’. As you can tell from the title of this page we didn’t complete the Monopoly board but we gave it a good shot in spite of the many obstacles we had to overcome.

My journey home was a disaster as I got on the wrong bus and fell asleep, got off and took another bus to get to an area where my bus goes through and got on the right bus going the wrong way. Finally I got on the right bus heading in the right direction and fell asleep again missing my stop.

Now it is Monday and I’m spending the day relaxing and getting myself ready for the week ahead.
I have just been heating up the oven and go to put a nice big pie in it and low and behold my flatmates have left five small pizzas in it that I have just been cooking for the last 20 minutes. What on earth were they doing leaving food in the oven for, and on plates as well?