I want to sleep in

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I had to be work for 8.30 this morning, for my induction – I’ve only been there for two weeks – I hate waking up unnaturally at the best of times but to have to get up half an hour earlier for someone who struggles to get up in time to make it to work for 9.00 is almost impossible.
I say almost because by some miracle I did make it.

It’s been a quiet day so I’ll use the rest of this space to stand on my soap box.

I noticed in the Metro today that America uses more methods of execution than any other country, including those nasty Muslim fundamental states with their disregard for the Geneva convention like imprisoning people without trial (Something America would never do, even in a place like Guatanamo Bay, would they?).
Therefore, in the interests of equality Bush and Blair should be tried for war crimes on the basis that their war was illegal – both claim that it wasn’t illegal so if they are not lying then the case will not hold up and they will be vindicated and have shown that they are not afraid of international justice.