The big day

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Well last night was fun, we went to a nice Italian place on Charlotte St. called Zizzi, the food was good and I managed to limit myself to two beers. I was still one of the last to leave.

I had the interview this morning, and to be quite honest I’ve no idea how well it went.

I was shown in and sat down, there were three people in the room and the first one asked me, “Why don’t you start by telling us what you can bring to the job and why it appeals to you?”

The whole interview lasted only ten minutes, the person who showed me in showed me into another room where she introduced me to someone else who then showed me back downstairs and into the gallery, (where I had spent 15mins waiting for the interview) and left me there, so I went to work.

Apparently they are going to make a decision next week so I should hear the week after, so obviously they are in a hurry.