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This blog is still very much under construction, but I am getting there. You will notice that there is a category from May 2003, this was an online diary I wrote long before I heard of blogging (though I’m sure I stole the idea off someone), I was given free webspace on Postmaster for a month and decided to use it for that. I read through it today before I posted it all up and about the only things that stood out from it was how bad my writing and spelling was and how little I had to say.

Picture of me

I guess I’ll find something more interesting to put up soon.

I’d like to thank the following for not having their lawyers chase me down.
Aadesh Mistry for providing the idea for the design,
and www.bigfoto.com for providing me with the header image.

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  1. YOU CRAZY ENGLISH MAN!! Are you going to Argentina dressed like that?? It is a really nice touch but I wonder if you’ll have problems with the argentinian police, thinking that you’re from the MAFIA. Oh well its all worthy if the argentinian girls go all crazy for you 😉

    Don’t cry for me Argeeeeeentinaaaaaaaaaaaa


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