Not So Environmentally Friendly

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I’m off on holiday to Argentina, that isn’t very environmentally friendly I know, but I want to see the world before it changes entirely. I have promised myself that I will ofset all the carbon I produce as part of my trip.

I flew with Lufthansa, they were the cheapest option at the time. It did mean that I had to change planes in Frankfurt though. Having discovered that there were no window or isle seats on the plane from Franfurt to Buenos Aires I plumpted for what the check in lady suggested, an end of section seat, it was the worst discision I could have come up with. I’ve never flown on a 747 before, so I didn’t know what to expect, as I came in the door I noticed that first class was on my left at the front of the plane so as I walked left I got quite excited, the seats all had plenty of space and individual TV screens. I had forgotten about business class though and we were soon through that section and into the economy class. I had been told that my seat had more leg room than the normal seats, but for me that wasn’t true, I have always been able to streach my legs out under the seat in front of me, this time there was a wall in front of me so I couldn’t and although there was more room between my knees and the wall that wasn’t really any help.

The next thing I noticed was that the row I was in was full of children (and when I say children, I mean infants), it was then that I realised that I wasn’t going to get any sleep. There were 4 kids, all in cots, in the same row as me and at some point during the 13hr trip each one of them started screaming. On top of that the in-flight film was dubbed into either German or Spanish with subtitles in a language I didn’t recognise which meant that I couldn’t even put my headphones on and listen to something else.

On top of that, when I finally did arrive, I managed to break the computer I logged onto attempting to write my first blog of the holiday. I hope the rest of the holiday goes better.