After Iguazú Part 2 – Corrientes

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On Sunday 3rd Dec, we left Encarnacion in Paraguay to travel to Corrientes.

It being a sunday the buses only ran every hour, it being Paraguay everyone told us something different. After we check out of the hotel we didn´t have to wait long for the bus. It dropped us off at the Paraguayian border so we could get our visas stamped. We asked the official when the next bus was and he said 15minutes so we sat down to wait.

We watched the cars go through the checkpoint, some stopping to hand overpaper, while others just drove through and waved. One kid on his motorbike sped through without stopping and the official got very upset, at the point the Paraguayian army sprang into action, getting up from where they were sitting and strolling across the road to sit down again.

and wait…

Eventually we decided that the official had been wrong and thought the best course of action was to get a lift across the bridge to the Argentine border and pick up the bus from there, it was already baking hot so walking with all our bags was out of the question.

Jorge finally hailed down a passing pickup truck, with a crack so big in the windscreen the driver could hardly see out the front, which agreed to let us sit in the back across the bridge. The rest of the trip was pretty uneventfull, it is a 31/2 hr bus ride from Posadas to Corrientes.

Corrientes is a beautifull city full of Mediteranian style buildings, one of the oldest in Argentina, and there was a Fair on when we arrived. We went down to the riverside to watch the sunset and wander around the stalls. And there dancing against the sunset with the river Parana as a backdrop were traditionally dressed Groucho´s (argentine cowboys).