Buenos Aires Part 2

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Two short days in Buenos Aires followed to give me a chance to recover from the mosquito bites before venturing back into the wilderness. This time I had a chance to form my own impression of BA, as everyone in Argentina calls it.

In short is very European. That shouldn´t be that suprising since Argentina has been colonised by the Spanish, British, Italians and probably the French as well at some point in their history. But the fact remains that BA is more cosmopolitain than the rest of Argentina, has a lot more English speaking people and you can even buy Cadbury´s chocolate – you can´t even buy that in France.

On saturday we went to the Perlemo district of BA which is comparible to Notting Hill in London, full of exclusive shops and bars with prices to match. There was even a market stall there selling old Guinness adverts, I half expected to see a london underground sign.

We had tried unsuccessfully to get tickets to the last game of the season for Boca Juniors so I left Jorge & Marta and headed down to Bariloche.

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  1. hey nige
    didnt know you were off travelling the world, keep up the stories and watch the mozzie bites!

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