The Greenhouse Hostel

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When I arrived in Bariloche I didn´t have much of a plan, so stepping off the bus I went straight to the information desk, the lady there explained to me rapid english that the best places to stay would be along the side of the lake and that the bus to get me there was the number 20.

So I hopped on the bus, and then looked blankly at the driver when I realised that I didn´t know where I wanted to go. I eventually settled on central. Before I go any further I should explain that everything in Bariloche is marked by the number of kilometers it is from the centre depending on which way you are going. So, for example, the bus station is at kilometer 1. So I got off the bus at the far end of the town centre and started walking, with my rucksack further out of the centre. I was heading to the cable car which was the way up to the slopes during the skiing season, unfortunately I had misread the map and thought that it was only half a kilometer away.

When I was only 300 metres from the bottom of the cable car I saw a sign to the greenhouse hostel and being completely knackered at this point I thought that I would go here. This turned out to be one of the best ideas of the holiday. The hostel was virtually empty at the time although there seemed to always be plenty of people there, I found out later that they all worked there.

The Greenhouse Hostel, kilometer 4.7 from Bariloche if anyone is going to the Argentine Lake District I recommend that you stay here. It is the best hostel in the world… ever … honest!