Who’s The Greenest Of Them All?

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Recently it seems that every supermarket is trumpeting their green credentials, telling us that they are aiming to carbon neutral, label food that has been flown, save energy and recycle more. These all seem to be very laudable goals but I just keep thinking that if the industry was serious about becoming greener and reducing carbon emmissions then they would work together and cut them across the board.

Supermarkets have generally been very reluctant to change their hugely profitable business models and have to be dragged kicking and screaming into line by government legislation or threats of legislation. Two examples I can think of at the moment are removing sweeets from checkouts and more recently salt labelling, which only happened when the government threatened to force a standard onto the supermarkets.

So my question is, are these giants of retail serious about becoming ‘Green’grocers or are they doing the minimun they think that they can get away with in order to stave off government legislation?

Have a look at Tesco’s environmental policy they trumpted Sainsburys this year but Marks and Spencer claim to be the greenest.

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