The Talisker Trek

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I am doing the world famous Talisker Trek from the 1st to 3rd June 2007 and am looking for sponsorship, but before you decide whether or not sponsor me let me give you a bit of background on what I am going to do (it isn’t all drinking whisky). The Talisker Trek is a 3 day trek around the rugged and remote Isle of Skye.

The trek is made up of teams of 4 people navigating across the terrain surrounding Skye’s Cuillin Hills. By the end of the trek we will have learnt how to navigate with nothing but our sense of direction a compass and map.

During the trek we will be set challenges such as tyre pulling and tossing the caber, things that I really excel at. You can read more about it at the talisker trek website.

A great advantage of doing the trek for me is that the procedes go to the Woodland Trust which is trying to plant a 1/4 of a million trees over the next couple of years to help combat climate change.