EXIT Festival

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First off, meet the cast


Act 1, Scene 1
Enter stage left aerobatic display team


Exit stage right, the sun


The five main characters, head off to the main stage to take in the first couple of bands, after the Bellrays and Nightwish four of the five exit stage left, leaving Dancing Bear on his own.
Fireworks start.


Act 1, Scene 2
Dancing Bear doesn’t enjoy N.E.R.D so wanders off to the dance arena, spends some time at Happy Novi Sad before heading off in search of the others. The five meet up again, briefly, before four head back the house. Dancing Bear remains at the Happy Novi Sad stage before he too exits stage right and back to the house.

Act 2, Scene 1
The party starts in earnest, as the five main characters take in Primal Scream and Soulwax, they all get separated during the soulwax set later four of them meet up at the Explosive stage with only Crazy Horse missing.


The party continues late into the night taking in some Laurent Garnier before the four remaining characters exit stage right and head back to the house. Conversations ensue as to what to do next, Honey Bee, Hidden Dragon and Dancing Bear decide to go to the beach where there may be a party happening. There isn’t, however they stay and drink before exiting stage left.

Act 2, Scene 2
Kornel and Crazy Horse drive everyone up to a popular picknick spot overlooking Novi Sad and makes a barbecue. The day doesn’t quite go as planned as everyone is so tired.


Act 3, Scene 1

Tired from the excursions of the previous two days the five main characters determine to have an early night, they arrive in time to see Gogol Bordello at the main stage and then go to the Explosive stage, Dancing Bear exits stage right to take in some of Juliet and the Licks they aren’t very good so he doesn’t stay long walking towards the Fusion stage he runs into Crazy Horse and Kornel and the three wander around to Vojvodina to get some authentic Serbian music and chat to some authentic Serbian women. Later Honey Bee joins them.

Act 3, Scene 2

The five meet up again at the main stage in order to check out Manu Chao, so does everyone else in the festival. The five again get split up before accidentally meeting up again at the back of main stage. Four of the five exit stage right and go home, Crazy Horse stays for a couple of hours before he also exits stage right.

Act 4, Scene 1


The Hive followed by Ministry and the Sex Pistols are on the main stage, the five stay mostly together only Dancing Bear wanders off to do his own thing checking out random different stages before they all meet up again at the dance arena.


They take it through to dawn on Monday morning.


Finally they leave at 6 EXIT stage right to catch whatever transport will take them home.