Novi Sad

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After our excursions in Belgrade we went onto Novi Sad for the hedonism of the EXIT festival. Originally we had thought to camp at EXIT however the girls had thrown their toys out of the pram and told us that we should get out of the 35 degree heat and into an air conditioned apartment. In hindsight I think they were just about right.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, before EXIT there was a day or two around Novi Sad and of course we had to meet the hosts for our apartment, Alex is a glass worker who had spent time living in South Africa before settling in Novi Sad. He was there to greet us when we arrived at his home with a few bottles of beer and a bottle of the local spirit (which we had already enjoyed copiously in Belgrade).

That night we stayed local and ate in a local restaurant which turned out to be very good, even though we didn’t know what we were getting. The next day was all about Novi Sad and we went into the centre to check it out and meet up with Kornel, a friend of Mark’s who was to be our guide and companion for at least some of the time.

First off Kornel took us to one of the best bars in Novi Sad, a place where you could also hire jet skis although they were all unavailable when we got there so we had to make our own entertainment.

So after another, reasonably, quiet night on the town the next day was all about EXIT.

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