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yep, it’s been a long time since i’ve put a proper post on here, but in preparation for my forthcoming world ski tour (kind of), I have updated a few bits of my blog – in an effort to make it more user friendly and to incorporate new fads that people are playing with at the moment.

So here are a couple of changes that I have incorporated for you viewing pleasure:

  • Full screen images, by clicking on the [View with PicLens] link in any photo gallery you can see full screen images;
  • Significant events, I have added a calendar that allows everyone to see where I’m going over the coming months – particularly useful for anyone who wants to join me on any part of my travels;
  • Facebook feed, I have added applet that posts to my minifeed every time I create a new post, so now you can never escape from my blog… mwhahaha!

Thats it for the moment, I’ve been thinking of adding twitter to my blog, but, as I don’t know anyone who uses it at the moment I probably won’t.

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