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After the relaxing atmosphere in Amsterdam it was off to the high octane one of throwing yourself off the top of a mountain, the mountain on this occasion being the Kitzsteinhorn above the tiny (and incredibly quiet) village of Kaprun.

Kaprun is a picturesque village completely surrounded by mountains. Nigel decided to go skiing as soon as we arrived and we were on the mountain by 2 o?clock Saturday afternoon. Kevin, Chris, Jack and Will arrived sometime after 1 o?clock and I met them in town to check out the nightspots in town.
The skiing was incredible, it was hot and sunny on Saturday when we arrived, Sunday it was raining in Kaprun but snowing up on the mountain and then overnight the rain turned to snow and the village turned into something resembling a Christmas card.

Food of the stay: The pizzas there were fantastic
Rosko recommends: Building phallic snow sculptures by the side of pistes; or
The off piste run from the top of the Kitzsteinhorn is awesome when there is fresh powder.

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  1. Nightspots???!! Are you sure you don’t mean ‘nitespots’? Yeek.

    Hope you are all having fun.

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