Saturday 4th April

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Traveling without a reservation isn’t recommended, so I had a 2 hour wait in Worgl to pick up the train to Verona. Worgl is much bigger than Kaprun but there isn’t anything that you can do there for 2 hours except sit in a cafe and have breakfast.
The train from Worgl to Verona is one the most picturesque I have traveled on, it crawls through the valleys of the Alps surrounded by snow capped peaks and under bridges that pass 100 meters overhead. Once you pass into Italy it is really easy to spot the difference, there seem to be tiny churches built on every mountain and often large statues as well.
As we got closer to Verona, the mountains changed from high rocky peaks with narrow valleys to low tabletops covered in trees wide valleys.
Think I’ll try and find some cheap accommodation in Verona I don’t really fancy going to Milan.