Bodh Gaya

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There are 7 sacred places that the Budda is supposed to have stood; sat or walked when he reached enlightenment and my guide enthusiastically told me about all of them in the middle of a scorching hot day, Nigel was more interested in getting into the shade of the Bohdi tree that the Buddha hadn’t sat under (the original and first replacement having been chopped down by various marauding armies).

And that is about it, Bodh Gaya is a nice place to visit but the restaurants aren’t up to much and apart from the main one (which has been rebuilt a couple of times anyway) the temples are nice but not very old. It?s worth going, but don’t stay too long.

Rosko recommends: Mahabodhi Temple, it’s all there is to see really.

Food of the stay: I think the best thing we had was a banana pancake.