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We stayed a few days in Bangkok before heading off to Kanchanaburi to have a look at the infamous Bridge over the River Kwai, the bridge doesn’t look like much (especially as the original wooden one was demolished during the war) but there are a number of museums and cemetery’s that hammer the point home.

Then we went out to the Tiger temple to have our photos taken with some 3 year old tigers, the tigers just ignored all the people and dozed while the long line of people stood next to them to have their photos taken; it all felt a little bit too Disney. After the parade of people being photographed next to sleeping tigers a few of us (who had paid a bit extra) got to see some of the younger ones having a play, we all stood in a group behind a waist high portable fence that might have kept the tigers at bay for a millisecond if they had chosen to attack.

Then there was a change of pace as we headed down to Koh Phangan for some beach action, we went snorkeling in the Ang Thong marine park, the snorkeling was good fun but the rest of the day was taken up with being moved around the park at high speed so we didn’t get to see too much in the way of wildlife. Once back from the marine park it was time for Haad Rin’s full moon party (held two days after the full moon because of a Buddhist holiday).


Full Moon
Full Moon Party

Rosko recommends: There were so many different things I could recommend all of them, but snorkeling around all the coral and fish was amazing.

Food of the stay: Thai food is amazing, and incredibly cheap as the local people often don?t have their own kitchens, but I think the best thing I tried was the Rad Na Thai.