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Finally Bangkok, again, the first time we didn’t really do the touristy stuff it more just resting and a night out in the party street. We quickly learnt not to take the cabs, as in most places they rip you off, but the bus network and skytrain is pretty good so you don’t really need them.

Bangkok is a lively city, and after the dust and dirt of India the cleanliness and modernity was a very welcome break. With it being the monsoon it rained occasionally but not so much as to be annoying. There is a great mix of old and new buildings (the new being very new, and the old being very old).

We went to the Golden Mount, saw the giant swing (it was missing its swing) but missed out on the Grand Palace and the floating markets because we just didn’t get around to seeing them. We started using the river buses when we came back, they are a great way of seeing the city without paying a fortune.

Nigel got a couple of suits tailored for him, in expectation of finding a job in Australia.

Rosko recommends: There are great views of Bangkok from the Golden Mount

Food of the stay: The street food here is the best we had anywhere.