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Well not really Perisher, I stayed in Jindabye, which is a little village about 30min drive from Perisher and Thredbo, as the accommodation in Perisher itself is far too expensive, however once I had found some ski equipment I was able to spend a few days skiing. What I didn’t realise and nobody told me was that there are only 2 buses that go to and from the resort, and they both leave before 9 o’clock, once you miss them that’s it. The only other option is to hitch-hike, which isn’t the easiest thing to do carrying skis and boots. Fortunately I only had to wait ten minutes before someone stopped to pick me up.

Driving up to the resort I saw my first Kangaroo, plenty of them, but they were all dead by the side of the road.

Perisher Valley

There is nothing challenging about the runs in Perisher but they did have a couple of small kickers that I was able to try out. I spent 3 days skiing in and out of the trees, the snow was packed so it was easy to ski almost anywhere, after that it was on to Canberra.

Rosko recommends: Hitch hiking, I did this for two days, and then the 3rd day caught the bus, it ended up costing me a fortune.