Melbourne (again)

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From Canberra for no particular reason other than I didn’t want to go straight back to Sydney we headed for Melbourne again for a couple of weeks. I came down with a cold almost as soon as I got there so didn’t go out much until the last weekend when I went to see the penguin parade on Phillip Island.

The first part of the day involved feeding animals in an animal sanctuary, they had a Koala, and an emu (it wasn’t green and didn’t have an arm up its bum) some Kangaroos and a whole bunch of Wallabies, after that we went to a farm for demonstrations in sheep shearing and sheep dog trials, it wasn’t very interesting but we didn’t have to spend that long there. The next stop was on the other end of the island to have a look at the seals, I had mistakenly thought that we would be looking at the seals from somewhere above them in fact we had to see the seals on TV screens as they were on rocks half a mile out to sea.

Finally the penguin parade happened in the evening when just after the sun goes down the smallest penguins in world march up the beach in close formation in order to reach their homes in the grass past the beach. At one point a seagull too off scaring the little mites and they scattered in all directions. Once you have finished watching them parade up the beach you walk back past all the penguins standing by their front doors, you could imagine that they are Hobbits at home in the Shire.

Rocko recommends: the penguin parade, it’s fun to watch especially when the little penguins get scared, but you might want to skip the rest of the tour.