Christmas In Sydney

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Darling Harbour at Christmas

It’s supposed to be summer here, but that just means that it’s just hot and wet (as opposed to cold and wet summers in England).

Yep, that’s right, it was raining Christmas day, however in the run up to Christmas there was good weather so I went to the fish market to get some prawns for the BBQ and then when the day came round I fired up the BBQ at home and say outside to watch the rain (at least it kept the mosquitoes away.

Christmas eve was a good day, I went down to darling harbour and watched the fireworks. Sydney doesn’t have the over the top Christmas decorations extravaganza that you get in London where every shop over does the fake snow on the windows, but they do some great light shows and there are plenty of Christmas trees dotted around.

There are several buildings around the centre of Sydney where they have projected to highlight the facade.

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  1. Hey Nige – finally checked your blog in IE, and no virus issues – happy new year and xmas etc. – your pix are looking good – we’re thinking about organising a boarding trip, although we could just go to hampsted heath, as there’s a few inches of snow at the moment, and more dumps on the way apparently – should we factor you in if we manage to get off our lazy asses and book somewhere in Europe?

    1. Pretty unlikely but let me know what you decide to do (if anything) and if i’m going to be in europe i’ll try and meet up.

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