A Lot Can Happen In A Week

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Friday 15th Jan 2010 ? I send the following email to both Dillon and David King:

I have become concerned with the inability of my flatmates to get their bonds back. As travelers often have fairly low paid jobs $300 can be a quite substantial amount.

I have heard that you have been unable to return people?s bond to them as the landlord is out of the country, however as you are managing the property for the landlord and collecting the rent any agreement we have has been made with you. You therefore have the power to return people?s bond to them. As a absentee landlord myself I had to make sure that my tenants were able to get their bonds back. Also it has been brought to my attention that you are requiring people to give you their bank details in so you can transfer the bond to them electronically, considering we paid our bonds in cash and continue to pay the rent the same way, as requested, I don?t think that it is unreasonable that the bond is returned in the same manner.

Flora has mentioned to me that David is reviewing returning the bonds for some tenants because they didn’t stay for 3 months. This is the first I have heard of a 3 month minimum term. When I moved in we were told that the minimum term was two months, Joe explained that he wouldn’t be able to stay that long and Liam said that it wouldn’t be a problem.

As for people taking common property, there isn’t anything worth taking in the flat and as there is no inventory I don’t understand how that can be a problem.

I trust that we can overcome these issues amicably.

Monday 18th Jan ? received a text from Dillon telling me to pay my rent.

Tuesday 19th Jan ? I send Dillon a text saying ?I?m waiting for a response to my email before I pay my rent?

Thursday 21st Jan ? Liam shows people around and quotes prices lower than the current tenants are paying. So Nora sends a txt to Dillon asking if we will be paying the new rates. Dillon responds with text saying no you must continue to pay $170. A lively text debate ensures resulting in Dillon saying ?You will get out in 5 days or you will be thrown out. And. My friend is moving in to your room once flora goes. So make sure your out. ive told him he can smoke and drink in the room.?

He then phones her to reinforce the message. After, he phones me and tells me that I have 5 days to get out as well. Saying that he is throwing everyone out for giving him shit.

Friday 22nd Jan ? I phone the ?tenancy tribunal? and ask them about what I can do to protect myself from being thrown out. I phone a free legal service they explain to me that he can?t legally throw me out with less than 7 days notice. In the afternoon I get a phone call from Dillon, saying where is my rent ? I tell him that as we are being kicked out I?m not going to pay it. Dillon responds with forget about 5 days I want you out today. He threatened to throw my stuff out into the street then and there, I was at work so didn?t want to argue the point but threatened to call the police. Dillon ranted a bit and finally hung up on me.

When I got home from work that evening I discover that all my clothes have been thrown onto the bed. So I fulfill my threat and phone the police. When they arrive a few hours later they basically tell me that there isn?t very much they can do. Dillon has denied touching anything of mine and blamed the cleaner, in spite of the fact that the cleaner hadn?t been around that day. In the end the police suggested that I leave, and keep the keys until they return the remainder of my bond.

Saturday 23rd Jan ? After spending the night with Craig and Anna I move into a backpackers in Glebe, and contact Dillon about getting my bond back. Dillon surprises me by answering his phone, I suggest meeting at the police station as it is a safe neutral venue and he says he?ll phone me back. Obviously he doesn?t.

Monday 25th Jan ? I receive the following email from David King.

Further to receiving notification of your vacation of the subject property, $150.00 will be transferred to your account on Friday 29 January 2010. Please send your bank details in order to undertake the remittance. I understand that Dillon was to meet you for this exchange but in light of recent disagreements, a bank transfer is more appropriate.

Naturally, to date I haven’t received my bond back.