Bateman to Byron (the 2 bays)

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I’ll skip Melbourne I’ve already been there twice and only stayed one night and then it was the bus to Batemans Bay. Craig and Anna got up at an absurd time of the morning to pick me up and take me to their home in South Durras where, they told me, there are regularly Kangaroos in people’s back yards. This is obviously not true, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Roos don’t actually exist; but we did see a fur seal, and a couple of Wallabies hopping around peoples gardens.

After Durras we headed up the coast taking a short break in Sydney (again) to watch some rugby league. Then it was on to Seal Rocks; where obviously there aren’t any seals but plenty of rocks and a blood red sea.

Then it was on to Yamba where we hired a little boat and took it round the harbour.
Then we took in the big banana and the giant prawn heading for Byron Bay and the bluesfest. We got the Bryon Bay Wednesday morning and then set up the tent and headed into Bryon for lunch and a look round. When we got there it was raining so coffee and shopping was all we did.
Bryon Bay is the only place I have ever been to where every single cafe offers the usual selection of teas and coffees and what they term an LSD (Latte Soy Dandy) a coffee-esque drink made with dandelions. Craig loves it.

Rosko recommends: The lighthouse beach at seal rocks is lovely and hiring a boat at Yamba was great fun too.

Food of the stay: Pretty much everywhere you go seafood is the order of the day