Blues and roots festival

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The Blues and roots festival at Byron bay is now in its 21st year and at 5 day long the longest music festival I have been to, it’s still much smaller than Glastonbury though. Fortunately the campsite has showers so we didn’t get too smelly. They seem to have moved away from their traditional blues and roots music but still managed what turned out to be a great lineup (with the occasional slightly past it artist).
The big selling point for me was the chance to see Jools Holland and his rhythm and blues orchestra live, and they were my pick of the festival. The most disappointing act was Dr John, he just looked like he was about to keel over. Some of the artists I had never heard of but really enjoyed were Joanne Taylor Shaw (sounds posh but rocks pretty well), the Tijuana Cartel (I thought they were the Tijuana Brass Band but they were actually some sort of fusion dance act) and a band called Carney.

Food of the festival: It’s a festival so the food wasn’t great and Craig couldn’t get his LSD, but did manage to find some organic coffee so wasn’t too put out.

Rosko recommends: Music man; it’s the food of love.