Morton Island

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Amazingly enough there are actually people living on the island which is both small and sandy, I took a 2 day camping tour that started off with sandboarding in ‘the desert’, about a square kilometer of pure sand dune in the middle of the island. Once we were all covered in sand we headed off to the beach for some snorkeling and swimming, then it was straight to the campsite for lunch.
The afternoon was taken up with surfing and swimming off the beach below the lighthouse, then back to the campsite for a BBQ and campfire. It was a clear night so a bunch of us went down to the beach to look at the stars and see the glowing grains of sand mirroring the stars.

The next day we went up to the lighthouse above the beach we had been on the day before and from the lighthouse we looked down and could see giant turtles swimming and a couple of sharks patrolling the headland.
The rest of the day was taken up with sleeping and swimming and finally the boat back to Brisbane, where I was horrified to discover that the last bus to Springwood, where I was staying, on a Sunday was at 18.50.

Food of the stay: Barbie on the beach was the order or the day

Rosko recommends: If you are willing to pay the extra A$200 you can stay at Tangalooma resort and feed the dolphins.