The Boomerang

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2 days, 2 nights on the world conquering Kiwi boat previously known as Ondine VII. We sailed out on choppy seas with occasional rain, thinking that this was going to be a very wet trip.
We anchored for the night in Tongue bay, the captain deliberately anchoring some way out to give everyone a rough night. It was pretty rocky, but most people slept OK. After breakfast the next morning we headed to the beach and walked over Whitsunday Island to Whitehaven beach, to take in the amazing white sand there.
Then it was off to Luncheon Bay on Hook Island for diving and snorkeling, and I got to go on my first dive. All the rain over the past few days had washed a lot of silt into the sea, so visibility wasn’t as good as it could have been, it was still good fun though and we got down to around 7 metres.
Then it was off to a sand bar sticking out from Black Island where we could swim with turtles, sadly the water there was so cloudy it was impossible to see what you were swimming with. A turtle did surface less than 2 metres away but I didn’t have my camera on me.

Sunset saw us at Stonehaven on Hook island where we spent the night and in the morning we got half an hour snorkeling in Caves cove before sailing back to Airlie beach and on to Townsville where I could camp on Magnetic island.

Rosko recommends: the Boomerang; best boat on the Whitsunday’s.

Food of the stay: bucket loads of fresh fruit.