Kakadu & Litchfield

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Honestly, the kids today are really dull. When I got to Darwin I spent a couple of days looking for people to share a car to drive around Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks, I finally found a couple of German girls and a French guy who were making the trip, when I met up with them the night before I asked them what they wanted to see the most, their answer was ‘I’ll tell you tomorrow when I’ve read my Lonely Planet’.

All three of the people I traveled with, went to bed as soon as the sun went down and two of them didn’t get out of bed before 9. So most evenings I spent talking to anyone I could find, one night it was a tour guide who let me play his didgeridoo (badly).

Before I reached Darwin most people I met told me that Litchfield is much better than Kakadu. This is of course complete rubbish. Kakadu is massive and, sadly still mostly closed when we went, but there was still Aboriginal rock art, billabongs the wetlands and forests, Litchfield can be completed easily in one day and mostly comprises of nice waterfalls and swimming holes.

My companions aside I had a good time, the early morning wetlands cruise was great fun and the 12km walk gave us some amazing views and showed us fascinating rock art.

Rosko recommends: If you can get hold of one take a 4×4 to Kakadu (and don?t do a tour they are far too expensive), sadly we couldn’t but as most of it was still closed it wouldn’t have made much difference. The wetlands cruise is well worth it as well.

Food of the stay: Take the early morning wetland cruise and you get a buffet breakfast afterwards at the nearby hotel, it made a welcome change to the bread and beans that I had been eating.