Berwick to Eastbourne

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I met up with some friends and headed out to Berwick for a stroll through the countryside so Eastbourne. Chaos at Victoria Station meant that we almost missed the train but I jumped throught the doors just as they were closing and asked the guard if we were on the right train for Eastbourne?
“No” he said. Then laughed at our shocked faces and pointed us to the front four carriages.

The rest of the journey to Berwick (which is a few stops before Eastbourne) was uneventful, not so the begining of the walk when discovered that neither our guide nor anyone else had ever done walk before. A couple of wrong turns and much discussion meant that it was two o’clock before we reached Wilmington. The intention had been to have lunch further down the road, but as it was already late we had lunch here, this turned out to be an excellent idea as both the food and the people we met at the Giants Rest were excellent.

The remainder of the walk passed off without a hitch and we made it to Eastbourne in time to get the 7.30pm train back to London, which we almost missed due to a jobsworth of a train guard stopping us from getting on the train because there weren’t enough of us.

All in all, that was a fantastic day out, the people we met there were friendly and engaging and nobody minded to much that we got slightly lost or that it took longer than we intended.

Rosko recommends: The Long Man of Wilmington or course; oh and corn fields, corn fields are fun.