The Planned Route

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At the time of writing this I have just weighed my bike fully loaded with panniers, brand new grips and usb charging dynamo and it weighs 24kg. So the combined weight of me and the bike is 80kg, which is just what i’ve been pushing at the gym.

We take the Eurostar to Paris and then the TGV to Toulouse where we’ll cycle out to a little place called Lavalette about 14km outside Toulouse. On Monday we start properly and the planned route is below:


The first leg of the journey is Lavalette to Mirande which is around 110km, then we go from Mirande to Oloron-Sainte-Marie which is another 110km. After that it’s the uphill bits.

You can keep an eye on things here to see how well or badly we do, I’ll try and update it every night, but i’m not making any promises.