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So, it’s been over five years since I last decided that I didn’t want to continue want was I doing and went traveling. This time I’m not going quite so far afield, only to Switzerland, but I’ll be training to become a ski instructor.

I’ll be based in a charming little resort called Grimentz-Zinal in the Swiss Alps, and just a couple of hours from Geneva. The Ski school I’ll be working for is the Ecole De Ski International (ESI), one of the largest ski schools in Europe. As part of their prep, ESI sent me a couple of video’s to watch…

This is the better of the two, it’s short and gives a good demonstration of the terrain you can expect if you come to Grimentz.

I’ll try and keep a running blog on my time as a ski instructor,  and if you’re lucky I might even get some more photo’s up here.

I fly out to Geneva on Tuesday 8th December to spend a couple of days there before heading to the resort on the Friday.

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  1. Good stuff Nige! When you’re qualified, you can teach me to ski and in return I’ll teach you to snowboard :p

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