Edinburgh Marathon

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It’s over, and I hit my top target of under 3hrs 30min and managed to run it in 3:29:26. So I’m very happy, obviously, also in quite a lot of pain.

To my delight and in complete contrast to the forecast, which said it was going to be warm and sunny, the day dawned grey and cold. It’s an odd feeling to delight in the weather being cold and grey.

After a short uphill section at the very start the first six kilometres is pretty much down hill which meant that I could a free quick start before finding my pace on the flat later. The course heads down the Royal Mile and then out onto the coast at which point we discovered the ‘head wind’ a gusting breeze that comes in off the coast that slowly saps your energy and makes you want to run behind the biggest person you can find. We continued along the coast sometimes coming inland to pass through a village or forest for some resbite from the wind, for another 22 kilometres and turned around and back the way we went out before finishing in Musselburgh.


Powering throughIt was around mile 10 that I really began to notice that my thighs were sore, they didn’t get any better through the race but as it wasn’t effecting my running stride or pace I ignored it and carried on. Once finished my thighs has quickly begun the seize up and I found getting out of a seat difficult. Fortunately the lovely people at Marie Curie had brought a masseuse with them and I was given the most painful massage I’ve ever had. My thighs, though still sore, are now much better.



So I really feel that Marie Curie have earned your sponsorship money here, even if it’s just for the knowledge that they inflicted so much pain on me.

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