IT Infrastructure Roll-out

Date: February – August 2015


CLCH won the contract to run the Sexual Health in Hertfordshire which requires the merging of databases from 3 organisations, the installation of IT infrastructure across Hertfordshire and provision of 3rd line IT support to the staff there.


As we were due to take over the service from the 1st April there was a constraint around time frames that I was unable to overcome by use of a budget.

Project Objectives:

To roll out IT infrastructure in Hertfordshire in order to facilitate access for the sexual health staff onto the CLCH network and to combine the disparate database services running on Blithe Lilie into a single version.

Also to ensure IT is in place in any new estate provided during the life of the project.

The benefits associated with this project include:

  • Easier access for staff onto CLCH network
  • More robust IT infrastructure, leading to less downtime and reduced use of paper notes
  • Staff access to CLCH online services.
  • A single clinical database across the services will lead to better patient care with the ability to see the entire patient history for this service.


I instigated an interim solution with the current service providers where our new staff would be able to remote desktop back to our network to access everything they would need. I then set about organising the the IT infrastructure to be rolled out. This included both networking and IT equipment and involved coordinating a number of different external organisations.

I also set up a working group from within the service to look at their current processes and work towards integrating the two databases. I worked closely with Blithe Lilie to ensure that the database was ready to go and organised training for new staff and our own internal trainers.

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