San Sebastian to Lekeitio

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Jack woke up with a swollen ankle so decided that he couldn’t cycle any more, Kev and Rich opted to stay with him.

Alex and I carried on to Lekeitio; after having dumped done of our more heavy equipment, while the others stayed in San Sebastian and had a night on the town.

The climb out of San Sebastian was very difficult heading straight up for 2km. This afforded us great views back over the town and out to sea.

We stopped for lunch at Getaria where I had a fantastic bbq mackerel. Then the weather turned and it rained most of the rest of the way to Lekeitio.

Wandering around town, I was surprised to bump into an old work colleague, Breac, who was starting a similar trip, with his wife, heading the other way. He laughed when I told him we had cycled around the Pyrenees and not over them.