Lekeitio to Bilbao

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The next morning we went back down to the seafront for breakfast before heading out towards Bilbao.

It rained pretty much all the way, so we just pushed on and made it to Bilbao around 3 o’clock. Then we got lost; there are three routes into Bilbao from Zamudio, the motorway; the pilgrims path, which was a tiny dirt track over the hill; or a small road that started in a business park. Alex and I spent an hour looking for the road before I asked a Spanish guy who kindly drove us to the begining of it.

We started up it and for two kilometers we climbed the steepest road I had been for the entire trip. After that it was down hill all the way into Bilbao. The only problem with that being part of the road down was an incredibly steep cobbled street that we couldn’t cycle down either.

Once the others arrived on the train Alex and I found a hotel and we made the most of Bilbao