New boots, bright yellow jacket

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The one real problem with where I work is that I don’t have a desk – so I am constantly trying to work around other people, and I always need a computer, which means I am always on someone else’s when they need it.

We are moving offices tomorrow – well Monday really tomorrow we pack up and on Monday when we come in we have to wear these cheap copy’s of Caterpillar boots called ‘Trucker’ and bright yellow jackets while we wander around a building site looking for where they’ve moved the office to. We’ll need helmets as well but they don’t arrive until tomorrow.

    Cool the boots have steel toecaps, I’m going to wear them into the west end on the weekend and start a fight with someone – that should be fun. They also conform to the EU directive on footwear EN 345 : S3, which means they have:

  • Antistatic footwear
  • Energy absorption of the heel
  • Waterproof Dynamic Vamp
  • Self sealing lamina

Not that it will make any difference to someone when I kick them in the nuts.