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Zagreb was really quiet when I got there; the hostel was empty apart from a couple of painters and the staff.
Croatia is pretty rich compared to the other Balkan states, most of the women there we wandering around in D&G or CK sunglasses that I would only dream of affording (not that I would want to, I thought they looked hideous). There was a brand new tram system running through the centre of town and Easter eggs (gigantic ones) everywhere.

Easter Egg

From what I saw, people, especially the younger ones speak good English and everyone is very friendly and tries their upmost to help.
As it was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire there is a lot of Viennese architecture in Zagreb and the old town has held up pretty well, it’s just that they don’t have anything that you couldn’t see a better example of in Prague or Vienna.

The best places to visit are actually outside of the city, but unfortunately I found this out too late to check them out (and none of the websites explain how to get to them).

Food of the stay: we didn’t eat out in Zagreb, but you can get a great selection of bread in any bakery.

Rosko recommends: Hostel Mali Mrak Zagreb is the best decorated hostel I have come across; the deepest oceans and outer space are on opposite sides of the same wall.

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