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When we arrived at Chitwan, I thought that all my worst fears were going to be realised, we were going to be stuck in a big group with a bunch of people who don?t speak English and would be herded around like cattle; and therefore not see anything of the wildlife or the indigenous population and to top it all we were going to be forced to eat all our meals in the Hotel where we would be served from a bland buffet. Fortunately we were very wrong.

In the evening a bunch of Iranian Kurds sat around in a circle and sang Kurdish songs and took it in turns to get up and dance. A couple of Nepali lads and Nigel joined them everyone (including the non-Iranians) was persuaded to sing at least one song and for want of anything better that came to mind, Nigel sang Swing Low Sweet Chariot.

Compared to the cool mountains Chitwan’s tropical climate was a shock, but we got to see crocks and Rhinos (although only the one caged tiger) but no Bears or Leopards or any snakes at all. The park is also rich in bird like and has the most enormous dragon flies.

Food of the stay: I had Mo Mo’s for the first time at the Nepali Kitchen in Sauraha and they were delightful.

Rosko Recommends: Spending a whole day in the jungle, the half day sessions are just not enough.

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  1. Hi Nigel…. it sounds amazing…. and pics are really cool!! Hope you’re having the best time 🙂 Alienor. x

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