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Sydney is exactly what you would expect from an Aussie city, there are plenty of beaches, easy access to the sea, as with most places the public transport is terrible but there are lots of green spaces and the Botanical gardens are excellent. One of the things I enjoyed doing was taking a walk through the botanical gardens in the evening so you can see the flying foxes taking off from their trees to go and hunt.

Another thing you can do in Sydney is take the ferry from Sydney harbour around to Darling harbour, it’s a great trip taking you past the Opera house and under the bridge, and a lot cheaper than the tourist boats.

I took the boat over to Bondi to have a look at the beach and take a walk around the peninsular through the nature park, still no Kangaroos but plenty of birds.

A few days later I went on a whale watching boat out past the harbour, there were plenty of whales and they were playing with the dolphins when the boat got there.

Rosko recommends: For your first view of the Opera house take a walk through the botanical gardens (and look out for the flying foxes on your way) it’s a great way of coming to it.