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The flat itself was quite nice; a two bed ground floor flat in a new block, there was a courtyard out the back where you could have a BBQ. The flat had a basement, as well as the two bedrooms, which was partitioned off into three separate rooms so that the flat could sleep eight people. There was no air-conditioning but that wasn?t surprising given the low cost of the room.
When I paid the deposit, we were given a business card for Dillon Roy giving us the impression that this was the company we were dealing with(the company in question was the Samadi Group). To begin with the landlord, Dillon Roy, appeared nice enough buying us a fan and a pan when we asked for it.

Then after nearly two months things changed; really it started before then, first, one of our flatmates, Liz, moved out and asked for her bond back. She was promised that it would be returned and she duly handed over her bank details. The bond was never returned and her emails and texts both to Dillon and the owner were ignored.

Next, my roommate, Joe, moved out. Again, he was promised his bond back by Dillon but again it wasn?t forthcoming. So Joe went to Dillon?s offices, the address on the business card was 54 Foveaux Street, just round the corner from where we were living. When he got there, Joe discovered that although there were offices registered to the Samadi Group, they were empty. Joe eventually got a response from Dillon, saying that the owner, one David King, was abroad and his bond would be returned when he came back. Again, once Joe moved out all his texts and emails were ignored.

At this point I was starting to take a serious interest in what was happening.
Next it was Julien?s turn and when he moved out he made sure that he had something in writing from the enigmatic David King stating when his bond would be paid to him. I received an email from him a week after it was supposed to have been paid and once again his attempts at contacting both Dillon and David King had been ignored, and as you can guess, his bond had not been paid.

Before I received the email from Julien (27th January 2010), a lot had already happened, which you shall read about next.

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  1. Sounds like a good idea you moved out faster than a bat out of hell.

    btw, if you can see the email address, you’ll know who this is, Nigel. I’m the dude you gave hell to for quite a few number of weeks. =P

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