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Everyone Nigel spoke to insisted that you need to go on a tour if you are only going to spend two days in Cappadocia, so we ignored them and got on an overnight bus.

One word of advice, ignore what people tell you, they are usually just full of it.

One thing is true, it isn’t possible to see all of Cappadocia in two days (not even on a tour) so we didn’t try. The first day we hired a bike and set out to find the valleys, the bike would have been an excellent idea except for the fact that Nigel wanted to follow the footpath, which, as it turned out, was not such a good idea. The footpath runs up the side of the valley, over the cliff and into the next valley and it places it was so narrow Nigel had to carry the bike between or over boulders. We were finally thwarted when we reached a shear incline (with handholds cut in) that only would have been manageable with the bike strapped to Nigel’s back. We then searched in vain for another route before finally turning round and heading back.
The next day we took a walk down Love Valley with a group of Erasmus students from Sofia who were staying in the same hostel. Then we walked to the other side of Goreme to another valley that was close by.

Rosko recommends: Mountain biking around Cappadocia (just keep to the right paths).

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  1. Hey Nigel… sounds like the trip is going good !!!
    Will you post some photos of the valleys!?!? even if they are from a phone or something that would be great !!!

    1. I’ve uploaded some now, internet access is proving difficult at the moment, which is why I haven’t updated the blog.

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